Polygon and Cere Network to launch DaVinci


DaVinci is the first marketplace set to facilitate secure NFT royalties and decentralized asset transfers, according to details on the platform’s website.

Polygon (MATIC) and decentralised data cloud platform Cere Network, have partnered to launch a new project dubbed DaVinci, Cointelegraph reported on Monday.

The Web3 media platform is reportedly targeted for the secure storage of non-fungible token (NFT)assets, with key functionality aimed at blockchain-based verification and decentralisation. In this case, the DaVinci platform offers a network for the monetization and transfer of NFTs.

The Web 3 project is powered by Cere Network’s data cloud, allowing for smart contract-based content streaming. Integration with all the major social media platforms means content creators can connect with their fandom and seamlessly grow their blockchain-based fan circle.

“Via plug-and-play integrations with every social media platform, and Stripe Payments, you can instantly start with bringing your artwork to (future) fans, without the usual adoption hurdles,” the DaVinci team says on their website.

Davinci will offer much more to the NFT community, with artists and brands set to see more returns from their content. Users will have guaranteed access to royalties, with research and analytics tools available to complement content creators’ reach to prospective fans and investors.

Users will access the service via Cere Freeport, a Polygon-based NFT minting feature that creators will leverage to mint and sell NFTs.

Polygon and Cere Network have worked closely before, with the most recent being a September 2021 $3 million investment into Cere’s DDC. The investment helped with the integration of Cere with Polygon’s protocol.

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