The Convergence of Opportunities in the Metaverse


WeWay is an entertainment ecosystem that offers exclusive NFTs and allows users to engage with celebrities and influencers in the metaverse.

With its help, users interact with their preferred public figures by taking part in quests, buying, holding, and reselling NFTs as art pieces, tickets, and more. 

In addition to NFTs, the ecosystem is also actively present in the metaverse. The project includes virtual tourism, digital fashion, auditions, art galleries, renting and selling metaverse land plots, etc.

At the moment, there is no full-cycle Web3 ecosystem on the market for influencers, artists, brands, and celebrities where they can monetize their activities, create games and hold events for their community. This is what the project is providing for in its ecosystem. 

The project aims to give people more opportunities to monetize their creations via NFTs and the metaverse. 

The various facets of WeWay

There are various aspects to this project, and we will touch on each of them in this section. 

The Agency helps build your Web3 presence

WeWay’s agency serves as the bridge between artists, brands, bloggers, and the NFTs/metaverse. The agency is a team of experts that can take a famous personality and unpack them (analyze their abilities), ultimately offering a blockchain and NFT solution. 

The agency focuses on a few activities, including:

Analyzing and revealing the identity of an influencer; Identification and elaboration of scenarios to be analyzed and providing monetization solutions;Provide project sponsorship;Provide advanced project packaging tool, covering the entire process from generating the ideas to producing them;Creative marketing, assistance in sales, and building a unique community amongst the users;Finally, assessing the progress and forming a hypothesis for upcoming projects. 

WeWay has currently partnered with Yoola, a leading international influencer relations company with more than 4,000 influencers on its books. 

Engage with fans in the metaverse

The metaverse is where participants and community members can interact with each other. The team intends to build an all-encompassing metaverse with its own concert halls, cinemas, universities, banks, and real estate. According to the company team’s estimates, creating a metaverse can attract more than 15 million people.

On the metaverse, users can purchase and lease lands and buildings, play games from celebrities, create their own games, and launch contests, promotions, and other events. 

The WeWay City is set to be presented with AAA graphics using Unreal Engine. The city will consist of buildings, incredible nature, futuristic event spaces, and concert halls. 

In the metaverse, the team will develop the avatar of a celebrity and make a collectible out of it. Furthermore, the avatar will be placed in surreal environments, with various types of space worlds, flights among structures, and more.

Buy, sell, and int NFTs on the marketplace

The marketplace allows celebrities and influencers to launch their NFT collections and make money from selling the pieces.

A key advantage of using the marketplace is that it is multichain, which means users can buy, mint, and sell NFTs on Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon blockchains. 

When launching an NFT collection, celebrities are advised to find platforms with the best UI/UX designs to make it easier for their followers to use. This is what the marketplace offers to celebrities and users. 

When launching an NFT collection, the team will take your craft to another level by combining photography, digital art, and fashion. The deeper message within each art will be amplified, making it easier for the community to relate to the celebrity.

Earn an MBA in crypto at the University

As mentioned earlier, WeWay goes beyond just an entertainment platform. The project is committed to educating a huge number of people through influencers.

By working with influencers, the company will help ordinary people natively and organically enter the world of Web 3.0.

More and more serious experts, major corporations, famous influencers, brands, and even politicians are getting engaged with crypto.

For example, popular soccer star David Beckham is one of such celebrities already helping more people understand and enter the world of Web3. Paris Hilton is another popular celebrity in the NFT space.

The crypto ecosystem has more than 17,000 projects. While some of these projects are not worthwhile, we see an increasing number of projects pop up that provide real value to the users and have well-developed products. 

However, the major challenges in the ecosystem remain low crypto/financial literacy. 

Many people want to use NFTs and participate in Web 3.0, but they don’t know what to do or how. 

While influencers get ready to enter Web3, the users also need to educate themselves on how best to use this emerging ecosystem. The University focuses on educating celebrities and their fans.

Users can earn an MBA in crypto via WeWay University. They can also learn new skills and professions and engage with like minds in the ecosystem. 

WeWay’s progress so far 

What you should understand about crypto projects is that they are constantly evolving. The same is true with WeWay. This project has achieved so much and is working on rolling out more features.

On January 11, 2022, the company issued its own token, WWY. Coinmarketcap says the WWY token is currently listed on MEXC, PancakeSwap (V2), Coinsbit, DODO (BSC), and Tidex exchanges. 

Staking services are now available for the WWY token.

The company has developed three staking pools: NANO, MICRO, and MACRO. They all have different periods and annual percentage yields from 34% to 64% so that users can choose the most convenient and profitable pool.

The WeWay official marketplace launch took place on March 13. Since the launch of the official marketplace, the team has launched several NFT products.

One of the available products on the marketplace allows users to write a script, voice the characters and participate in filming with bloggers. Expect more products to launch on the marketplace as the project continues to gain traction. 

Final thoughts

WeWay is a high-tech ecosystem operating on a blockchain, empowering content makers and influencers to maximize their creative power.

The project allows celebrities and influencers to build their Web3.0 presence by engaging with their fanbase via NFTs and the metaverse.

The University helps users learn new professions in Web3 and allows community members to collaborate on future projects. That’s why WeWay is now a brand with a lot of upside potential. 


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